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Tea: Sweetened


15.2oz glass

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Review: Tao

(Last Updated: Dec 01, 2014 at 11:39 AM)
Of the initial two bottled varieties of Bruce Tea, we definitely preferred this variety over its counterpart. It features a blend of black and white tea, honeydew melon flavor, honey, sugar, royal jelly, mangosteen juice and a host of herbal ingredients. The result is something that’s light, but complex, with a very refreshing tea flavor that is nicely complemented by the fruit flavors. This, unlike the other variety, JKD, has a unique and memorable flavor that’s definitely worth coming back for. Nutritionally, the product has 80 calories and 20g of sugar, with 100 percent RDA of vitamin C and 6 percent RDA of iron. The manufacturer's choice of packaging is a 15.2 oz. bottle that is almost entirely cylindrical in its shape. This works well with the label design, which is black with a honeydew green accent color. As for the branding, Bruce Lee is certainly an icon, but his appeal on a tea product some 40 years after his death is certainly hard to gauge. Regardless, it's polished and credible looking product, which is certainly a good start.