Capital Kombucha

by Capital Soul, LLC

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12 Oz Glass Bottle

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Review: Cherry Blossom

Posted: Jul 08, 2015 at 1:13 PM (Last Updated: Aug 11, 2015 at 3:26 PM)
For a brand that has a Washington, D.C. motif, a Cherry Blossom flavor actually makes some sense. The product’s formulation includes kombucha, cherry puree, rose water and honey. It has a nice kombucha-meets-black cherry soda flavor to it. But of course this isn’t a soda, with the product instead having a very light level of sweetness to the tune of 8g of sugars per bottle. Using cherry puree also gives it a big advantage when it comes to the accuracy of the flavor, which it about as fresh as you’ll find in a carbonated beverage. However, we found it slightly confusing that some flavors use cold-pressed juices and others, like this one, do not (instead it has the less appealing “natural flavors” on the front label). Regardless, we really like this flavor combination. It’s both unique (we don’t remember having another cherry-flavored kombucha) and extremely drinkable. Packaging is a clear 12 oz. glass bottle, much the same kind that you’ll find being used on premium sodas and flavored water products. But on the other hand, it looks different than most of the kombuchas out there, which tend to be stay away from clear glass in the first place. Whether or not this works out for the brand is hard to say, but we do like the overall look of the product. Capital Kombucha is a name that has a nice ring to it, while the look of the package, which includes a hand applied sticker placed over the top of the cap, gives it a craft and small batch vibe. Overall, this is one of the more standout and memorable flavors of the brand.