Capital Kombucha

by Capital Soul, LLC

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Tea: Kombucha


12 Oz Glass Bottle

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Review: Ginger

Posted: Jul 08, 2015 at 1:12 PM (Last Updated: Aug 11, 2015 at 3:26 PM)
The Ginger variety of Capital Kombucha is the company's take on the classic blend of ginger and kombucha. It’s made with the Capital kombucha base, fresh squeezed ginger juice and honey. The result is something that’s simple, flavorful, and fresh tasting. It has a nice note of ginger to it, but it’s definitely not spicy nor does it linger (it’s pretty much on par with a ginger ale). There’s a mild amount of sweetness to the product, but it’s barely more than what’s needed to tease the palate. What’s really nice about this product is the balance of flavors, with the effervescent fermented flavor of the kombucha, the light ginger heat, and the mellow sweetness from the sugar (part of the kombucha) and honey working really well together. That said, this is a very gulpable product that seems pretty geared towards the mainstream. We’d say the same thing about the product’s packaging and positioning. For starters, it’s in a package that’s most commonly used for premium carbonated beverages. While it looks somewhat like a soda, this does seem like a better approach (at least if using a stock bottle) than using one of the vinegar bottles that some kombucha makers are using. The branding is simple and clean and feels very much inline with the “craft” segment of carbonated beverages. If there’s anything about it that could be improved, we do feel as though the green color on this flavor is a bit hard to read. Otherwise, this is definitely one of our favorite flavors of the Capital Kombucha lineup.