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Review: Strawberry Kiwi

Posted: Oct 29, 2010 at 12:00 AM (Last Updated: Nov 08, 2010 at 9:48 AM)
For anyone who has had a strawberry kiwi (or kiwi strawberry as it's more commonly called) flavored juice drink, the flavor of Celsius Strawberry Kiwi should be very familiar. In this case, it's a noncarbonated formulation that's sweetened with sucralose, which does, as the can states, taste great. Functionally, this product follows the same format as the rest of the Celsius line, with vitamins (B and C) along with their MetaPlus blend (taurine, guarana, green tea extract, caffeine, glucuronolactone, and ginger root) added to create the product's energy and calorie burning functions. While we can't say that it works on the calorie burning front (Celsius has clinically validated this claim), it definitely has energy kick to it. As far as packaging goes, we bet that many consumers see this product and assume that it's carbonated (which it's not). Otherwise, there's a lot of stuff going on on the can, so if a consumer is new to Celsius, it might be a bit hard to figure out exactly what's going on. However, emphasizing the calorie burning and body fat reduction points seems smart — a large percentage of the population certainly wants that. Overall, it's a nice tasting product and, despite the busy looking can, the presentation is good.