Chameleon Cold-Brew

by Chameleon Cold-Brew LLC

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Coffee: Cold Brew


32 oz glass

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Review: Caramel Coffee

Posted: Mar 07, 2016 at 11:55 AM (Last Updated: Mar 09, 2016 at 10:25 AM)
Chameleon’s Caramel variety is the latest flavored offering in the brand's line of cold brew coffee concentrates. It launched exclusively at Target stores in January, and it very much follows in the footsteps of Chameleon's other flavors. It’s USDA Organic certified and packaged in a 32 oz. glass bottle, which makes eight servings. As for the liquid, it’s quite enjoyable, starting with the pleasant caramel aroma that you’ll smell as soon as you open the bottle. This might lead you to believe that the caramel flavor is going to be overly strong tasting, but it isn’t. Instead, it's, first and foremost, that of the cold brew coffee. It’s bold but smooth, just like all of the brand's products. The caramel is a nice complement to the product and gives it a slightly toasted flavor. The caramel also makes it something that’s easy to consume without added sweetener. While we’d still likely choose the original variety over a flavored offering, Caramel might be a very close second. On the packaging front, the bottle looks like a premium product. Chameleon is right in the middle of a label change, so the bottle that we received will get a slight label makeover in the near future. Nevertheless, we like the straightforward and clean look of the brand, which has only the necessary callouts on the front of the label. This helps make the product looks credible, which, in turn, sets the stage nicely for the well-executed coffee that’s inside. Overall, a very nice addition to the Chameleon family.