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12 Oz Glass Bottle

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Review: Original - 12 Oz

Posted: Jul 08, 2015 at 1:31 PM (Last Updated: Aug 13, 2015 at 11:46 AM)
Described by the producer as “pure liquid cacao,” Cholaca’s Original variety is a blend of three ingredients: water, fair trade cacao and organic fair trade coconut sugar. Designed with the intention of being used as either a shot or in another drink (e.g. milk or coffee), the flavor of the product is intense but enjoyable, even when consumed straight. It has a very indulgent flavor that is rich and loaded with cacao flavor, while the sugar, which is relatively low at 2g per 2 oz. shot, serves as something that takes the edge off what would otherwise be a somewhat bitter finish. The Original is definitely a nice in between of the Unsweet (no sugar, as the name states) and Sweet (which has 8g of sugars per 2 oz. -- quadruple the Original). In our opinion, this flavor has nailed the sweetness level, at least when it comes to a product that you could consume straight. But if you’re using this as a mix-in of some sort, the variations might be more meaningful (although you could just add more sugar to the original). Visually, the product is clearly a chocolate beverage. The “pure liquid cacao” text is front and center and definitely sets the stage for what’s inside the bottle. However, we found it slightly hard to read the vertical “CHOLACA” text. Also, given that the product is not a single-serve beverage and it’s packaged in what is traditionally a single serve bottle, we feel as though a better callout and explanation is needed. Currently, there is a “contains 6 shots” badge, but it looks like something that should be a calorie callout. Working “shot” or some other descriptor into the name might be helpful. All in all, we really like the concept behind Chocola and the execution of the liquid that’s in this bottle. However, we wonder if the strategy of having different levels of sweetness, rather than flavors (perhaps to get consumers to buy more than one, which you certainly won’t do once you pick the level of sweetness you like), and the positioning as a shot or mixer make the most sense in the long run.