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Juice: Cold Pressed or Raw


12 oz Plastic

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Review: Forest Blend 12 oz

(Last Updated: Nov 24, 2014 at 2:28 PM)
The concept behind Chuice was to create a chewable, plant-based drink that, despite being mostly liquid, is actually a food product. In the case of this particular flavor (it also comes in a “River of Life" variety), the liquid that’s in the product tastes somewhat like what you’d expect to find in a green juice (it has apple and things like celery and kale). And, much like many emerging juice brands, this product is high pressure processed (HPP) rather than pasteurized. But that’s pretty much where the similarities end. The product is indeed chewable, with seeds, nuts, herbs, and greens floating in the liquid. The flavor of the product is pretty good, but not quite there yet. It’s one of those products where each element tastes good on its own, but marrying them all together makes for something that feels rough around the edges. Truth is, it’s pretty cumbersome to drink and chew at the same time (there’s a reason why you finish chewing before drinking) and the pieces of nuts in the product are just a bit too big. Playing with the size of the bits -- as well as their quantity -- would be a good idea. Nutritionally, this product weighs in at 225 calories and has 4.5g of fat, 25.5g of sugar, 9g of fiber, 4.5g of protein and vitamin and mineral content. From a branding and positioning perspective, the product definitely feels pretty raw in its presentation. Conceptually, we like the message of the product. However, it lacks in visual appeal. Getting a good designer to work on the look and tighten up how the message is communicated would be a big step for this product (side note: a different bottle might not be a bad idea either). Plus, there’s something about the image of a tree and the name “Forest Blend” that don’t exactly whet the palate. Ultimately, we think that the manufacturers need to make the product appeal to the senses more than it currently does. As it stands right now, Chuice is extremely innovative, but not as marketable and presentable as it could be.