CideRoad Organic Switchel

by CideRoad, LLC

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14oz Glass

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Review: Blueberry

(Last Updated: Oct 27, 2014 at 11:48 AM)
This variety of CideRoad appears to start out with more or less the same base as the original before the company adds blueberry juice, flavorings and elderflower powder to the mix. It has a surprisingly bright blueberry aroma and flavor to the first sip. From there, the flavor of the switchel takes over. Like the Original, it’s full of gingery flavor and ends with a mild apple cider vinegar note. All in all, the pairing works quite nicely -- we could easily drink a whole bottle of this product. From a visual perspective, the product’s bottle is quite attractive, starting with the company's use of a proprietary 14 oz. glass bottle and black and white artwork on the label. While “switchel” is no where near being something that is widely understood, the tagline of “America’s Original Thirst Quencher” is a nice way to make it feel approachable and appealing. While the flavor profile is something that will be new for most consumers, CideRoad has done a nice job of positioning this as something that’s classic. Overall, a very enjoyable and well-executed product.