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Functional: Recovery and Hangover


12 oz PET

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Review: Peach Mandarin

Posted: Oct 11, 2011 at 11:41 AM (Last Updated: Feb 01, 2012 at 2:33 PM)
Code Blue’s Peach Mandarin is the best tasting flavor of the new lineup. We’re not saying that just because of personal preference, but because the fruit flavor used in this variety masks more of the sweetener flavor than the others. The peach and orange flavors are fruity and enjoyable, while managing to be relatively full bodied despite the use of erythritol and stevia to sweeten them. A touch of sea salt gives the product a similar mouthfeel to a sports drink. Functionally, the product uses the same functional cocktail as all of the Code Blue flavors, which includes B vitamins, D-Ribose, L-glutamine, ginkgo biloba, milk thistle, and prickly pear, as well as added vitamin C. The purpose of all of this being to help aid in “recovery.” For us, the product has a hydrating and soothing effect, which might be more about the flavor than the functional ingredients. Packaging has changed quite a bit from Code Blue’s old 12 oz. can, with the product now coming in a 12 oz. PET bottle. Otherwise, the label is pretty similar, with a gray and blue themed product that has accent colors for the flavor. From our perspective, there are two things that we’d point out about this product. First, is the placement of the flavor name, which is at the very bottom in small type and easy to miss. Second, the label lacks anything to whet the appetite, instead feeling like something that’s pharmaceutical in nature. Standing by itself, that might not be an issue, but in a crowded store shelf, we think that Code Blue should address this. Overall, the product tastes good and the function seems credible, but the packaging still needs some refinement.