Cogo Coconut Milk Smoothies

by Soyummi Foods Inc.

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7.5oz Plastic

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Review: Dark Chocolate

Posted: Jan 09, 2013 at 12:09 PM (Last Updated: Jan 23, 2013 at 3:34 PM)
Of the initial flavors of Cogo that we sampled, this variety, Dark Chocolate, was definitely the best of the bunch. Pairing rich chocolate flavor with coconut milk, quinoa, millet, coffee, and natural flavors results in something that almost tastes like pudding with a coconut finish. However, it’s not quite as thick as pudding, although added gums are certainly something that we (and probably many of the consumers in the natural space) could live without. The drink is sweetened with evaporated cane syrup, monk fruit, and chicory, which is definitely a unique approach that seems to work. We are slightly confused by the addition of coffee, which doesn’t seem like something that is needed when you are pairing chocolate and coconut. All in all, what’s inside the bottle is really amazing stuff in terms of taste. Nutritionally, the product has 140 calories, 3g of protein, electrolytes, and 6g of fiber. On the outside, we like the look of the 7.5 oz bottle, but there’s too much text and too many elements competing to be the focal point of the label. In our opinion, the text that’s around the neck is just too large, with a brown background and text that’s in capital letters. Eliminating this and putting more normal sized mentions of the coconut milk, Arabica coffee, and organic certification would make for a more polished and appealing looking package. Overall, a solid product, despite needing a few tweaks.