Core Power

by Fair Oaks Farm Brands

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Functional: Protein Drinks and Supplements


11.5 oz PET

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Review: Chocolate

Posted: Mar 27, 2012 at 11:42 AM (Last Updated: May 03, 2012 at 2:22 PM)
Every line of protein beverages has a chocolate flavor and Core Power is no exception. Their formulation, which, unlike some of the other protein drinks on the market today, is milk based (although it is lactose-free thanks to the addition of lactase enzyme), is a very smooth blend that delivers rich chocolate flavor. In fact, the product almost tastes like melted chocolate ice cream. There’s no functional flavor in the drink at all, which is definitely a big positive. Functionally, the drink has 26g of protein per bottle as well as potassium, sodium, 2g of dietary fiber, 28g of carbs, vitamins A & D, calcium, and 3.5g of fat. It certainly stands up to other protein drinks out there -- and has a nutrition panel rather than a supplement panel (which gives it broader potential in the retail space). Visually, the Core Power brand feels very technical, with a look that seems like something that’s geared towards the musclehead rather than mainstream. If that’s what they are going for, the brand will likely work well, but if it’s the mainstream they are after, making it slightly more approachable would be helpful. In addition, and if we’re picking nits, giving the milk content (and Fair Oaks Farm where it comes from) slightly more billing would add another point of differentiation from the other products in this space. Overall, a very strong entry into the protein drink space.