Corina's Switchy

by Corina

Review: Corina's Switchy

Posted: Aug 22, 2019 at 9:25 AM (Last Updated: Aug 22, 2019 at 5:08 PM)

Covers Products: Lime & Ginger Juice

Corina’s Switchy is a carbonated beverage that’s made with a blend of lime juice, ginger juice, sugar, and apple cider vinegar (ACV). The product, which is a riff on a switchel, is presently available in a 12 oz. stubby glass bottle.

Made with 13% juice, the lime and ginger juices take center stage and provide tart and spicy notes. From there, you’ll get a modest amount of sweetness from the added sugar (25 grams of total sugars per bottle) followed by some tang from the added ACV. 

We really enjoyed the pairing of flavors. It’s sweet, but slightly spicy, with the vinegar and lime juice creating something that’s really bright tasting as well. And it very much feels like a high quality product. However, we wish it were a bit less sweet as the sugar and calorie content is a bit on the high side and it’s a pretty heavy product. 

On the outside, the product has a white label that has a small red band around the top. On the front panel, the Corina’s logo has a bird that’s lifting up the “O” in the Corina’s logo. While it’s cute, it isn’t really a helpful visual cue in terms of helping the consumer figure out what the product is and if they want to buy it. To that end, we think that the overall design needs to do a better job of connecting with the consumer and calling more attention to the hero ingredients.

In addition, we think the hierarchy of the label is a bit off. Specifically, the top of the label says “Lime & Ginger Juice” and “A hint of apple cider vinegar,” which might lead you to believe that this is simply a juice product. Better integrating this with the logo as well as the “bubbly & refreshing” text at the bottom would help this along.

Still, we like the concept of a “switchy” and the way that these flavors work to provide something that we think could be more palatable than a standard switchel. To get there, the brand definitely needs to work on how it presents itself. And they are going to need to think about how to branch out into additional SKUs as one SKU simply won’t cut it.

Overall, Corina’s Switchy is an innovative approach to an ACV beverage and, with some additional flavor and branding development, there might be something with some legs to it.

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