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Last Updated: 2/25/2009 1:46 PM

Of the flavors in the Crayons brand, this one is most improved in terms of flavor. Really, it should be called “watermelon and blueberry,” which is really what this drink tastes like. Plus, “blueberry” would likely be more appealing than “wild berries,” which might make the consumer think that it relies on flavorings. In any event, the mixture of watermelon and blueberry flavor is awesome, especially with the touch of raspberry flavor that hits your palate on the way out. On the functionality front, this is the “buff-bonz” flavor of lineup, meaning that they’'ve focused on calcium and calcium “boosting” vitamins. As the need for calcium is widely understood, that should be a marketable function for the Crayon’s brand. Overall, one of the best flavors of the lineup.


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