Crunk Energy Stix

by Crunk LLC

CRUNK!!! Energy Adds Sour Apple Flavor to Lineup

CRUNK!!! Energy has introduced the newest bold flavor to be added to our delicious lineup of naturally fueled energy products – Sour Apple.

CRUNK!!! Energy Adds New Flavor to its Lineup

New Blood Orange is uniquely crafted with natural juices and fruit flavors including real blood orange juice for a rich citrus rush and packed with energizing herbs and botanicals for a naturally fueled energy boost.

CRUNK!!! Energy Unveils Website Redesign

The site’s strategic plan also focuses on the company’s business goals of boosting product sales and increasing brand awareness through sponsorship programs and social media.

CRUNK!!! Energy Drink Demonstrates Rapid Expansion

Twinsburg, OH- April 1, 2013 — CRUNK!!! Energy Drink has significantly strengthened its distribution network with the addition of new partners both in the United States and Internationally. The Southeast has historically been one of the stronger markets for CRUNK!!! and the product is again becoming widely available in stores throughout that region. Since the new parent company, Solvi Acquisition, LLC of Twinsburg, OH acquired …’s “Best Of” 2004

(Note: This article also ran in the January/February issue of Beverage Spectrum Magazine)

Two thousand and four was an interesting year for the soft-drink industry. Low-carb diets, energy drinks, consolidation and rising material costs were some of the major themes of the year. At, we saw more than 300 new products in 2004, ranging from the excellent to the strange and awful. We’ve …