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Coffee: Cold Brew


12 oz can

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Review: Black & Blue Nitro Cold-Brew

Posted: Oct 05, 2015 at 9:13 AM (Last Updated: Oct 05, 2015 at 2:54 PM)
Cuvee Coffee, which is an Austin, Texas-based coffee roaster and retailer, is one of only a few coffee roasters producing ready-to-drink, nitrogenated cold-brew coffee (the company claims to be the first to do so). Cuvee's offering is this one, Black & Blue, which comes packaged in an attractive 11.2 oz. can. When you open the package, you’ll immediately hear the hissing sound of nitrogen being released. While we’d highly recommend that you pour it in a glass so that you can see the visual effect that the nitrogen has on the coffee, it’s still quite enjoyable when you drink it from the can. The flavor of the coffee is top notch, with a full-bodied roast that’s smooth from the start to its slight chocolate finish. The nitrogen gives it a silky smooth and almost fluffy body, which is a nice texture that you won’t find in standard hot or cold coffee. As for the packaging, the can, which contains 11.1 liquid ounces, has a whimsical design that depicts the Cuvee Coffee logo. If you aren’t familiar with Cuvee, this design might be slightly hard to figure out in that the front of the can is dedicated almost entirely to its "face" logo. Making the coffee callout slightly more prominent (even if it’s only on the next of the can) would be helpful. Otherwise, we really like the visual appearance of the product -- it’s hip, attractive, and fits nicely with the brand. Overall, a very enjoyable product from Cuvee Coffee.