Dave's All Natural Coffee Syrup

by Dave's Coffee

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Coffee Drinks, Coffee: Cold Brew


16oz Glass

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Posted: Dec 17, 2012 at 12:00 AM (Last Updated: Dec 26, 2012 at 11:13 AM)
With a variety of cold brew coffee products coming to the market, it’s no surprise that several of the products are trying to differentiate in their approach to the packaging and formulation. Dave’s Coffee is one of those brands, with their product coming in “coffee syrup” form. In concept, it’s not that much different than most of the other cold brew products that we’ve sampled, but the syrup is a concentrated form that can be mixed with water. However, the fact that it’s syrup form definitely makes it a bit more difficult to mix than other brands that are simply coffee concentrate. While that’s not really a deal breaker for us, we’re certain that the addition of sugar is going to be a deal breaker for the coffee purists out there. On the other hand, it should in theory have appeal with mainstream consumers who like their coffee sweet. But at that point, the product is probably more closely competing with the ready to drink brands (which are immediately drinkable). As far as the coffee flavor is concerned, it’s honestly tough to judge given the amount of sweetener in this product. If we had input into the formulation, we’d definitely like more coffee flavor and less sweetness. On the outside, they’ve done a great job with the 16 oz glass packaging (it’s definitely the product’s strongest trait). We like the personification of the product, which works well with the artisanal style of the product. Plus, it definitely stands out versus the competition that is using painted bottles. Overall, we like the brand and the concept, but we’d really like to see the flavor of the product have a stronger coffee presence.