Deane's Kombucha

by Deane's Kombucha

Manufacturer's Brand Overview

Deane's Kombucha is brewed locally in St. Paul by Bryan Deane Bertsch in small batches using the finest organic ingredients. Enjoy four refreshing and invigorating flavors:

Each bottle is crisp, slightly sweet and promotes self healing and vitalization.

I enjoy the nuances of brewing this living beverage. Each batch has its unique signature and consciousness. Take a moment to really enjoy this bubbling elixir and feel your body respond. Deane's Kombucha is a great alternative to your morning coffee, your afternoon soda or evening glass of wine. Thank your whole body, mind and spirit when you crack open yours, and listen to your body thank you back!

All of my Kombucha recipes are made with 100% organic ingredients. Each batch starts with a Kombucha culture and starter, fed with green tea and sugar. It ferments in specially charred oak barrels, giving Deane?s Kombucha its unique taste and crispness.