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Last Updated: 6/4/2008 11:37 AM

Deep Throat Energy Drink, which is named and branded for the 1972 adult film of the same name, has been given a bit of a makeover, both in terms of looks and flavor. Inside the can, things taste a bit better than we remember, with a Red Bull style flavor that's a bit more mild in its finish. The product still uses high fructose corn syrup, so there's a syrupy coating left behind in your mouth. On the outside, they've switched to a painted can, which reduces a marginal amount of our concerns about novelty. Aside from the obvious mainstream limitations of being named after and adult film, we think that they should remove some of the text on the front panel of the can. Specifically, "XXX-TREME ENERGY" and "Keep it up all night", which provide clutter and make the drink feel gimmicky or novelty in nature. Removing these items would also give the brand a more classic feeling, which might allow it to expand beyond into some mainstream outlets.


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8 oz can

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