Doc's Tea

by Dr. B's Beverages, LLC

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Tea: Sweetened


12oz Glass

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Review: Island Coconut

(Last Updated: Sep 04, 2014 at 1:00 PM)
The Island Coconut flavor of Doc’s Tea, which is promoted as a “premium micro-brewed” tea, is made with organic rooibos tea and sweetened with monk fruit and evaporated cane juice. The flavor of the product is, at least for a product with 10 calories, not bad, but it feels conflicted. At the base of the beverage, there’s a fairly pleasant tasting base of rooibos tea, followed by coconut flavor (which comes from both flavoring and added coconut water), and finally some sweetness. Our issues with what the company has created are twofold. First, the coconut flavor tastes more like candy flavoring than actual coconut. Second, the sweetener accentuates the naturally pasty flavor of the rooibos tea, making the product taste much more like a diet product than it should. But it’s pretty close -- some minor tweaking could certainly get it to where it needs to be. Unfortunately, the branding doesn’t help the cause, with “Doc” sending a message that this was formulated for health above flavor. And thinking about a doctor-formulated product never helps whet the appetite. As for the rest of the design, it certainly looks the part of a premium tea. However, we feel as though the company has to choose between being something that’s selling the expertise of a medical professional OR selling a product that’s premium and micro-brewed (we’d choose the latter). Overall, there are some nice components to this product, but they don’t yet feel like a cohesive and finalized offering.