New Fit ‘N Lean Drenchers Chai Tea Latte A Tasty Delight Fortified Right


ORLANDO, FL – September 29, 2009 – Looking for new coffee and tea drinks that stand out from the boring crowd? With Drenchers™ new all natural Fit ‘N Lean Chai Tea Latte, you can treat yourself to a tasty and fortified indulgence which is totally different from anything else in the marketplace today.

“All our Drenchers™ Fit ‘N Lean Super Blends coffee and tea drinks …

Drenchers Increases Distribution in Texas

ORLANDO, FL – September 23, 2009 – NBI Juiceworks has joined forces with two of the leading distributors in Texas: Metroplex Organics, based in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area and Houston-based Bev Source. Both companies will be distributing Drenchers™ 100 percent all natural super juices, Fit ‘N Lean super juices and all natural Fit ‘N Lean Super Blends.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Metroplex …

Drenchers Now Available in Texas

ORLANDO, Fla., Aug. 4 /PRNewswire/ — Drenchers(TM), the tasty and custom-fortified nutritional line of 100 percent all natural super juices, Fit ‘N Lean 10-calorie super juice beverages and all natural Fit ‘N Lean Super Blends, are now available in Texas. Featuring Bodyguard(TM), a fortification package of essential vitamins and minerals, Drenchers(TM) are very popular because of their combination of high nutrition and great taste.

“Our …

New Sun Shower Organic Chai Tea Latte


ORLANDO – June 16, 2009 – There is a new healthy and delicious alternative to the same-old coffee and tea beverages. Sun Shower’s™ new organic Chai Tea Latte is sure to capture your attention with its great taste, lower calorie profile and fortified Lifeguard™ nutritional package of vitamins and nutrients.

“Our new Sun Shower™ organic Chai Tea Latte is a truly unique product in the …

Sun Shower adds organic line of super blends


ORLANDO – March 24, 2009 – With Sun Shower’s™ new line of organic Super Blends, you can have it all; nutritious indulgence. Fortified with Lifeguard Protection™, Sun Shower™ Organic Super Blends come in five flavors: Mocha Cappuccino, Chocolate Raspberry Frappe, Iced Coffee, Green Tea Latte and Chai Tea Latte

“Our customers have been clamoring for Sun Shower™ to develop an organic line and we are …

New Sun Shower Super Blends Chai Tea Latte


ORLANDO – January 19, 2009 – Sun Shower™ has another hit on its hands with its new Chai Tea Latte. Over 87 percent of those taste-tested the popular Super Blends flavor said they liked it “extremely or very much.” With half the calories and fewer carbohydrates, sugars and fats than its competitors, Chai Tea Latte contains the Lifeguard™ fortification package for added nutrition.

“Our complete …

Sun Shower announces Super Blend Mocha Cappucino


ORLANDO – January 5, 2009 – It’s a big thumbs-up from consumers for Sun Shower’s™ new Super Blend Mocha Cappuccino. Among consumers who tasted-tested the new nutritious and tasty beverage, over 90% said they liked it “extremely well” or “very much.”

“While coffee and tea drinks have become more and more popular, many consumers are concerned about their high calorie content and lack of nutritional …

Sun Shower 100% Nectarine Juices Now All Natural Super Juices


ORlANDO – October 22, 2008 – It is hard to improve on perfection but Sun Shower’s™ 100% Nectarine Juices are now even better as they are all natural and have been fortified with a lifeguard™ antioxidant nutritional package, which features vitamins A, C, and E plus other essential vitamins, nutrients, and electrolytes.

“By adding lifeguard™ Protection and focusing on powerful antioxidants, we have made Sun …

Drenchers Power Packs a Protein Wallop


ORLANDO – October 13, 2008 – Drenchers™ new product offering, Power, is a tasty orange-crème all natural 100% super juice that packs a powerful punch of protein, vitamins, nutrients and amino acids to increase energy, help enhance strength and improve energy to muscles.

“Drenchers™ Power is a custom-fortified, all natural 100% juice – a perfect blend of healthful and refreshing flavors delivering 20 grams of …

Revitalize – New Sun Shower Superfood Smoothie Revitalize and Live Healthy


ORLANDO – August 25, 2008 – Looking to revitalize your diet? Sun Shower™ has added another great single-minded benefit product, Revitalize, to its lineup of all natural, 100% juice superfood smoothies.

“Revitalize is another one of our new all natural 100% juice superfood smoothies that has taste-tested incredibly well with consumers,” said Chris New, founder, chairman and CEO of NBI Juiceworks, producers and distributors of …

Feel Stronger Every Day with Drenchers Fit ‘N’ Lean Endurance

ORLANDO – August 18, 2008 – Looking for a juice that will increase your energy level, improve your stamina but only has only a few calories per serving? You say that is impossible? Well, Drenchers™ new Super Juice Beverage Fit ‘N’ Lean Endurance has all the good stuff with only 10 calories per eight ounce serving.

“We wanted to provide consumers all the great taste, …

Drenchers Endurance: superior healthful refreshment


16, 2008

– Tired of health juices that are consumed and taste like medicine?  Drenchers™ has the solution to your dilemma. New
all natural 100% super juice, Endurance, is not only customized with over 20
vitamins and nutrients, but it also has the great refreshing taste of
grape-apple that will make you want to drink a full glass every day.


New Sun Shower Super Blends feature Tasty iced coffees, teas and lattes


ORLANDO – July 14, 2008 – The Sun Shower™ brand just got better with the addition of its new line-up of Super Blends iced coffees, teas and lattes.  Each flavor contains Lifeguard™ Protection, a fortification package with powerful antioxidant vitamins A, E and Zinc. 

“We have hit another home run with our new line of Sun Shower™ Super Blends iced coffees, teas and

Introducing new Sun Shower Light ‘N Healthy Super Juice Beverages


7, 2008

– Looking for a nutritious, tasty and refreshing new beverage that is also low
in calories?  You say there is no such
thing?  Sun Shower™ has the answer with its
new line of Light ‘N Healthy Super Juice Beverages.

are raving about our new Sun Shower™ Light ‘N Healthy Super Juice Beverages,”
said Chris New, founder, chairman

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