Dust Cutter

by Dust Cutter Beverage Company

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Juice: Lemonade


16oz Aluminum Bottle

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Review: Lemonade (2014)

(Last Updated: Nov 14, 2014 at 12:07 PM)
Dust Cutter Lemonade is a sugar-sweetened beverage that does a nice job of delivering classic lemonade flavor in a unique package. From a flavor perspective, it’s definitely tasty, with sugar providing a sweet backdrop. The lemon flavor is sharp, flavorful and clean, which is definitely helped by the fact that they didn’t add any filler juice to this product. Otherwise, we appreciate that the company didn’t go overboard with the sweetness -- it’s spot on. Compared with the first version of this product that we reviewed, this one has removed the ginseng and B vitamins. That is, at least in our opinion, a smart move. However, we are still concerned with the product having 160 calories per 16 oz. bottle (or 80 per 8 oz. serving). Visually, the product is clean and polished, with one of the better-looking uses of an aluminum bottle that we’ve seen. It gives the product a rugged but retro feeling, which fits nicely with the Dust Cutter brand. Overall, a nicely executed and enjoyable lemonade product, but we feel as though this update was more of a lateral move than anything else.