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5 oz Glass

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Review: Superior Burma Tonic

(Last Updated: Dec 04, 2014 at 1:56 PM)
East Imperial’s Burma Tonic Water is a quinine-heavy beverage that, at least for tonic water, has a high level of sweetness (they also offer a version with lower sugar). At only 5 oz., this product, which is manufactured in New Zealand, is clearly going after the high end mixer market. It has a nice balance of quinines, a sharp hit of citrus and sweetness, and just the right amount of carbonation. From that perspective, we like what the company has done, both with its clean and sophisticated flavor. We also like the company's unique choice of packaging -- we can’t say that we’ve ever seen a brand use this size glass bottle. The label, which is thicker than normal and has a matte textured finish and metallic ink, gives the product a high end look that’s definitely befitting of on-premise use. Our only criticism is that the copy on the label is very hard to read. Improving this to the point where it’s readable when examining it closely (right now you’d almost need a magnifying glass) would be nice. Overall, we appreciate their unique approach and, for the most part, enjoyed the company's execution of this product.