Fire Cider

by Shire City Herbals, Inc.

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Functional: Protein Drinks and Supplements


8 Oz Glass

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Review: Unsweetened Fire Cider

Posted: Sep 15, 2015 at 7:36 PM (Last Updated: Sep 16, 2015 at 12:24 PM)
The Unsweetened variety of Fire Cider is an intense form of the company's original product. It is made with apple cider vinegar, oranges, lemons, onions, horseradish, ginger, habanero, garlic and turmeric and is intended to be consumed as a shot (in 1 tablespoon doses). It’s much more of a supplement than a beverage, with a potent flavor that’s heavy on the apple cider vinegar. From there, we taste horseradish, garlic, onions, ginger, and the habanero. While this might not sound overly appetizing, it’s really well-formulated and one of the more unique tasting products that you’ll ever sample. We’re not entirely sure if we’d reach for this version over Fire Cider's flagship variety, but we wouldn’t turn our nose at it either. On the outside, the product comes in a multi-serve amber bottle with an illustrated label. We like the homespun look of the label, which fits with the apothecary-style of the bottle as well as the liquid that’s inside. It certainly will require close examination for first time buyers, but this is okay -- it’s not something that’s designed to be an impulse buy. Still, we feel like there’s an opportunity to further develop this into a ready-to-drink form. Until then, this is a very unique product that isn’t ready for the masses, but seems comfortable being a niche product with superb execution.