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Water: Sparkling, Carbonated Soft Drink: Diet


8.4 oz CAN

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Review: Lemonlicious

Posted: Dec 23, 2015 at 3:04 PM (Last Updated: Jan 05, 2016 at 2:12 PM)
Giggle’s Lemonlicious is a USDA Organic certified carbonated beverage that has only 15 calories per 8.4 oz. can. Using 5 percent juice and a blend of stevia and erythritol sweeteners, the product has a very natural flavor and sweetness. As far as carbonated beverages go, this is a really nice tasting product. The use of lemon juice, as opposed to simply using flavoring, definitely makes a difference that you can taste. The company has also added vitamins and minerals, but, at 20 percent RDA, this does not seem like something that will really enhance the product. We’d say the same about the focus on kids as the brand's target consumer. While the product mentions that it’s great for adults, too, the brand is too childish to be a real player there. And for kids, it seems a bit too in-your-face and kitschy to work well with this demographic. However, the core design does seem like a good framework for a product that could play in the low-calorie organic soda space. All Giggle really needs to do is make the product feel a bit more serious and it seems spot on. Overall, a well-crafted product that seems to be going after the wrong segment of the market.