Ginger People Ginger Beer

by Royal Pacific Foods

The Flow: PepsiCo vs. ScienceBlogs; FDA Reports on Food Taxes


  • PepsiCo had a brief flirtation with the scientific community that didn't go all that well. Link
  • USDA Report: Soda Tax Will Curb Obesity Rates Link
  • Cott Corporation signs agreement, acquires Cliffstar Link


  • Joint Juice has launched a new drink mix. Link
  • BROOKLYN SODAS now have cane sugar in them. They also now come in 4-Packs.
  • Big Red has released Big

New Triple Strength Ginger ‘Gizer Beverage Delivers Coveted Kick…


@@img1MONTEREY, Calif., – Revved up with powerful antioxidants and 12 constituents superior to vitamin E, The Ginger People announce the launch of their newest ginger beverage, Ginger ‘Gizer.

Ginger ‘Gizer is a ginger powerhouse containing three ginger ingredients, including the imaginative addition of freeze-dried ginger, prized Chinese yellow ginger juice and ginger syrup. Balanced with a splash of apple, a hint of lemon and sweetened …