Golda Kombucha: Peach Ginger

by Golda Kombucha

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16 oz glass

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Review: Peach Ginger

Posted: Nov 13, 2015 at 10:16 AM (Last Updated: Dec 03, 2015 at 12:35 PM)
Golda Kombucha is an oak-aged kombucha brand (meaning the company ferments its products in oak barrels) based in Atlanta, Ga. The flavor is light and crisp, with only 4g of sugar and 28 calories per bottle. The kombucha starts with a base of oolong and green teas, which they’ve flavored with peach and ginger. There’s a note of vinegar and oak to it, while the other flavors are pretty mild. The oak component to it will probably be a somewhat polarizing flavor, but we really like it, especially how it seems to mellow the underlying fermented flavor. However, as you continue to drink it, the peach and ginger start to come out more and the oak flavor starts to smooth out a bit. All in all, it’s a very drinkable kombucha. Packaging is a 16 oz. clear bottle that’s used for a host of craft beverages, including kombucha, cold-brew coffee, and cocktail mixers. The company has given it a clear label, which has an artisanal style label with some Southern style to it. This, combined with the callouts for Atlanta, oak aging and the peach image, definitely set the stage nicely for what’s inside the bottle. Overall, a unique tasting product that has done a nice job of differentiating.