Golda Kombucha: Strawberry Mint

by Golda Kombucha

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16 oz glass

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Review: Strawberry Mint

Posted: Nov 13, 2015 at 10:16 AM (Last Updated: Dec 03, 2015 at 12:35 PM)
The Strawberry Mint flavor of Golda Kombucha is a blend of live organic kombucha, fresh strawberries and mint leaves. To add a slight twist, they’ve fermented the product in oak barrels, giving it slightly oak-aged flavor. Compared with some of the other varieties, this one is slightly more subtle, which seems to be the result of the strawberry and mint flavor masking it. These two flavors are extremely fresh tasting, which is clearly the result of using high quality ingredients to make this product. Under all of this, there’s the base of kombucha, which starts out with organic oolong and green teas, can sugar, and kombucha culture. It’s crisp, moderately effervescent, and slightly vinegary in its finish. Combined with the added flavors, the final product is well balanced and enjoyable. Plus, it’s has only 28 calories and 4g of sugars per bottle, which is a nice touch. On the outside, we like the choice of a 16 oz. apothecary-style glass bottle. The label has a Southern craft vibe to it, which starts with the choice of fonts and the Georgia backdrop and Atlanta callout. Otherwise, the word “KOMBUCHA” and the oak-aged callout really catch your eye. This helps establish the key point of differentiation quickly, which is a smart move. Beyond that, the Golda branding is clean and easy to read. Really the only thing that we’d love to see is USDA Organic certification as this would help it keep up with some of the stronger competition. Still, this is a really enjoyable product.