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Review: Good Idea Drinks: The Swedish Sugar Buster

Posted: Oct 18, 2018 at 11:41 AM (Last Updated: Oct 18, 2018 at 1:53 PM)

Covers Products: Sparkling Dragon Fruit, Sparkling Lemon Line, Sparkling Orange Mango

Good Idea Drinks is a dietary supplement sparkling water product that is made with a blend of five amino acids and a mineral (chromium picolinate).

The product, which comes in three flavors including Sparkling Orange Mango, Sparkling Dragonfruit, and Sparkling Lemon Lime, is very much about functionality. Specifically, the product is marketed as a way to help treat spikes in blood sugar levels that can following a meal that contains processed foods (you can read more about the science of the product on the company’s web site).

This is evident from the moment that you look at the product. Packaged in a 12 oz can, there’s a lot competing for your attention visually. The first thing that catches your eye is the Swedish flag and the tagline “The Swedish Sugar Buster Dietary Supplement.” This immediately raises questions about what the drink does, what a “Swedish sugar buster” is, and why it’s labeled as a dietary supplement. More importantly, it makes you feel as though the liquid inside the can isn’t going to taste very good.

Beyond that, the brand “Good Idea” is another element that raises questions. Why is this a “good idea?” Are other drinks a “bad idea?” In the end it feels slightly condescending and, more importantly,disconnected from the Swedish flag and tag line below.

Moving on to the liquid, these products drink like a standard flavored sparkling water. They are fine, middle-of-the-road flavors that won’t blow your socks off but also won’t make you disappointed that you picked one up. The functional ingredients do add a slight note of minerality to the product, but they certainly don’t get in the way.

True to its name, Good Idea Drinks seems like a novel concept and one that speaks to a pretty timely issue of concern over sugar. However, we feel very strongly that the current branding and messaging are the company’s biggest challenge when it comes to gaining meaningful traction. We believe Good Idea should perhaps consider a different approach to make the product simpler and more approachable-- like dialing down the “sugar buster” language, for starters.

Otherwise, if they push forward with the current form, we think consumers are going to have a tough time grasping, connecting with, and ultimately selecting this drink.

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