by H2Melon LLC

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Juice: Cold Pressed or Raw


12 Oz PET

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Review: H2Melon

Posted: Sep 02, 2015 at 11:42 AM (Last Updated: Sep 08, 2015 at 10:17 AM)
The premise of H2Melon is pretty straightforward: take 100 percent watermelon juice, fill it in a bottle, and use high pressure processing (HPP) to preserve it. The flavor of the product is exactly what you might expect from juicing watermelon. It's a classic summertime flavor -- nothing more, nothing less. The company has done a nice job of crafting this product in such a way that the freshness of the watermelon is still intact. On the other hand, this is something that you’ll find in other HPP or cold-pressed watermelon juices out there. That’s something that the company will have to be conscious of in that the barriers to entry for other competitors seem relatively low. But for anyone who does pick up a bottle of H2Melon, we doubt they’ll be disappointed with what’s inside. Truly the only thing that could make it better would be to use organic watermelon (albeit a more expensive ingredient and one in very short supply). From a branding and positioning standpoint, it’s a very simple and clean look that makes it almost instantly obvious that this is watermelon juice. Still, we’re not sure what the company has created can be developed into a brand since the name doesn’t seem overly adaptable to additional flavors -- unless they are simply flavored watermelon drinks. Regardless, we do think that the company should make the brand name stand out a bit more, perhaps by using a heavier weight font or a color that pops off of the pink background more. Overall, a nice first effort from H2Melon, and we’re curious to see how the company develops the vision for the brand.