Distribution Roundup: Mooala Moves East

In this Distribution Roundup, Mooala's move into the East Coast nearly doubles its U.S. retail presence, while Powell & Mahoney's lands placement for two of its sparkling mixer SKUs at Target stores nationwide.

H2rOse is Launching Larger PET Bottles

In 2018, H2rOse is going to launch its rose water beverage in PET bottles, supporting its glass packaging counterpart, to capture on-the-go usage occasions and tapping into the fast growing PET bottle market.

H2rOse Reduces Prices Nationwide

H2rOse has announced a price reduction for its rose water and saffron infused beverages.

H2rOse Sponsors 25th Anniversary Backdraft Ball

Each year H2rOse donates a portion of their proceeds or product to organizations such as National Breast Cancer Foundation, Aids Healthcare Foundation, ALS Association and Autism Spectrum Disorder Foundation.