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Review: Peach

Posted: Sep 08, 2015 at 7:53 PM (Last Updated: Oct 08, 2015 at 2:03 PM)
With its tagline of “Drink and Be Beautiful,” H2Rose is a product that features rose water and saffron powder as its key functional ingredients. The product, which is 20 percent juice and clocks in at 80 calories and 20g of sugar per 12 oz. bottle, also features sugar, peach juice, stevia, flavors, and malic acid. The taste is pleasant and it falls somewhere in the middle of being a flavored water and a juice cocktail. We’d say the same for the other flavors, which, with the exception of the mango that’s 60 calories, follow the exact same format. Unlike other rose water products that we’ve sampled, this one doesn’t have an overly strong flavor. Instead, the peach juice and added flavorings seem to hide it, while also doing a nice job of hiding most of the stevia flavor. Ultimately, the product tastes nice, but the functionality doesn’t seem overly credible based on the look and taste of the product. Speaking of looks, the company has done a nice job of creating something that’s vibrant and polished looking to the eye. However, we’re not sure about the approach it has taken with the brand or to how it communicate the functionality of the product. Starting with the brand, we’ve seen so many brands that are “H2”-something that it seems like something that will be hard to own. Furthermore, the visual treatment of it, which uses contrasting colors, isn’t the easiest format to read. Finally, there’s the “Drink and Be Beautiful” tagline. This, combined with the other copy on the label, makes the product somewhat complex to figure out. Is it going to taste bad? Is it a functional drink? We’d advocate simplifying the pitch a bit such that the product is more approachable. Overall, we like the product as an enjoyable tasting sub-100 calorie product, but we think improvement needs to be made if this product wants to be a functional beverage.