Hint Kick

by Hint, Inc.

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Water: Enhanced


16 Oz PET

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Review: Black Raspberry

Posted: Sep 22, 2015 at 7:32 PM (Last Updated: Oct 01, 2015 at 10:17 AM)
Hint Kick’s Blackberry Raspberry variety is a zero-calorie, unsweetened beverage that is enhanced with 60mg of caffeine. If you've ever had any of Hint's flagship products, this one will be very familiar in that it’s very similar to some of the company's other fruit flavors. And having a stepping-stone variety -- from one line to another -- seems like a smart move. It definitely lives up to the same quality that you’ll find in Hint's originals. The difference with this flavor of course being the “kick” of caffeine, which is derived from coffee beans. At 60mg of caffeine per bottle, the product has a level of caffeine that’s on par with that of a caffeinated soda. That said, this is a very clean way to get caffeine without a lot of extra stuff that you don’t need. Between that and the flavor of the product, this is a very enjoyable beverage. Visually, Hint has kept the same bottle and label format as its original varieties. From there, it has added a vibrant background color and a clear callout for “caffeine kick.” It’s definitely an intuitive approach and one that stands out nicely from its flagship lineup. Overall, a very enjoyable product from Hint.