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Humm’s Mate Kombucha is a blend of the company's organic raw kombucha and organic yerba mate. It has a well-balanced and palate-pleasing flavor profile that has a mild fermented flavor and a touch of sweetness. The addition of mate does a nice job of complementing the kombucha thanks to its naturally earthy flavor. It also adds a slight bite to the product, which is definitely a nice change of pace from Humm’s fruit-flavored offerings. On the outside, the company's proprietary 14 oz. bottle is something that will make this product stand out. The illustrated label design is well-executed, both in terms of it being pleasing to the eye and polished. Compared with other products in the category, these attributes should make the product stand out and feel more approachable. Overall, a very nice entry from Humm.


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Tea: Kombucha, Tea: Yerba Mate


14oz Glass

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