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11oz Tetrapak

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Review: Pure Vanilla Bean (2014)

Posted: Jun 26, 2014 at 1:15 PM (Last Updated: Sep 18, 2014 at 9:31 AM)
Iconic’s Pure Vanilla Bean flavor is a beverage that aims to have several benefits, including appetite suppression, energy and focus. On the surface, the product looks and feels very much like a protein drink. It uses a white 11 oz. Tetra Pak carton and promotes 20g of protein in a relatively prominent location on the front of the carton. Flavor is rich and creamy with a slight sweetener finish (it uses stevia, monk fruit, and blue agave). As far as protein and other similar drinks are concerned, it’s definitely something that can hold its own. However, it doesn’t contain vanilla bean or taste like “pure vanilla bean,” which is slightly confusing given the name. Functionally, the product’s 20g of protein comes from milk protein, while the product also contains 4g of fiber, electrolytes, calcium, B vitamins, vitamin D, choline, and tyrosine. With all of these ingredients, we still think that the protein and the fiber are the most marketable ones. That being said, describing itself as a “healthy lifestyle beverage” seems more like noise than something that’s going to help the product. The look of the product is clean, but technical, and to that end it looks like a polished product that’s befitting of the category that it plays in. Still, we wish the product had a bit more pop to it it. Overall, Iconic is a product with innovative qualities, but it feels as though it’s playing it a bit too safe with its design and messaging.