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Last Updated: 4/24/2008 8:29 AM

As the name suggests, the Pineapple Orange Banana of Owater's Infused lineup delivers notes of three distinct fruit flavors. They've bumped up the sugar in recent batches of Infused, which makes a world of different. This flavor, which has 9g of sugar and 35 calories per 8 oz serving, is still much lighter than a full fledged juice product, but it's also stronger (and more enjoyable) than some of the washed out sugar free flavored waters that are out there. Plus, they've added electrolytes to the drink, which gives helps back the drink's "replenishing" tagline. Packaging delivers as well, with a prominently placed orange and a bright orange backdrop that give the drink an eye catching look. Overall, our new favorite of the Owater Infused lineup.


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17 fl oz

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