Strawberry with Caffeine and Electrolytes

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Last Updated: 4/15/2008 5:53 PM

Strawberry, which is sub branded as part of O’s "energize" line, offers a lightly flavored/sweetened, water based alternative to the energy drink category. There’s a modest amount of strawberry flavor as well as ginseng, guarana, and yerba mate, sweetened with pure cane sugar. At about 50 calories per bottle, this stuff won’t weigh you down, but it does offer a decent amount of energy. Packaging is clean and crisp, with a vivid strawberry image rounding out this product’s natural looking design. The only challenge we see for this product is one of perceived substance, due to its lack of color and bottle size that’s smaller than many other flavored water products. On the other hand, it's bigger than most energy products and offers a more natural approach to energy. Overall, this product offers a clean boost of energy in a unique format. Definitely worth a try.


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Water: Enhanced, Tea: Yerba Mate


17 fl oz (502 ml)

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