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Expo East 2015: Braintrust Revamps Inko’s, Blue Buddha

Approximately 12 months ago, Braintrust Investments, a Burr Ridge, Ill.-based private investment firm, announced that it had acquired premium white tea brand Inko’s. Over the past year, Braintrust, led by former Pabst Brewing CEO Kevin Kotecki, has tweaked Inko’s branding, formulation and product lineup, and the company showcased the updates at the recently held 2015 Natural Products Expo East.

Inko’s Celebrates National Iced Tea Day

To celebrate National #IcedTeaDay Inko’s Organic White Tea is inviting revelers to sit back, relax and enjoy a bottle of Inko’s on them.

Inko’s Goes Organic and Non-GMO, Unveils Two New Flavors

Unlike most teas that are brewed from common, more-processed black and green tea, Inko’s is only brewed from very rare, handpicked white tea leaves such as Silver Needle.

Braintrust Doubles Down on Tea, Buys Blue Buddha

Nearly four months after acquiring Inko’s, Braintrust Investments has purchased another tea brand, albeit one with a much shorter track record.

Braintrust Investments Acquires Inko’s

In a statement, Braintrust said that it will “be working closely with brokers, distributors, and retailers to provide more consumers with access to the company’s truly unique teas.”

Inko’s Expands in Walmart

Inko’s LLC, makers of low- and no-calorie white teas, announced Thursday its expansion into 2,500 Walmart stores nationwide. The expansion represents an increase from the brand’s Northeast test market of 200 stores in the first quarter and 783 stores by July.

Inko’s Announces First Non-White Tea Flavors

Three Additions are Mango Passion Fruit Rooibos, Green Tea Lemonade and Citrus Black Currant Oolong

New York, NY (August 23, 2012) – Inko’s LLC, the first beverage company to market low- and no-calorie ready-to-drink (RTD) white teas, today announced its extension into non-white tea varietals with three new flavors: Mango Passion Fruit Rooibos Tea, Half and Half Green Tea with Lemonade and Citrus Black Currant …