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Last Updated: 5/3/2010 1:24 PM

Admittedly, we’ve been pretty sour on the IZZE’s more recent offerings, with the company starting to skew towards more traditional CSD flavors. Fortunately, they’ve redeemed themselves a bit with this flavor, Sparkling Guava, which has a very refreshing and crisp taste to it. It’s made with 70 percent juice, including apple, white grape, guava, and clarified lemon and lime juices. Guava is the dominant fruit flavor in the mix, with the others flavors hitting your palate afterward and on the finish. Packaging is standard IZZE, with a 12 oz. glass bottle and a minimalist looking front label. Our only issue with this approach is, at least at this stage of the brand’s history, the lack of innovation and evolution. This results in something that’s hard for consumers to find or get excited about, with the sole variables the color and the word “Guava” on the label. Overall, we really like what’s inside the bottle, which represents a throwback to the founding days of the brand. However, the outside seems ready for a makeover of sorts, which leaves us feeling as though this product might be lost in the shuffle.


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