Jet Lag

by Jet Lag, Inc.

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Water: Enhanced


16.9 oz PET

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Review: San Francisco

Posted: Sep 19, 2011 at 12:21 PM (Last Updated: Oct 03, 2011 at 10:18 AM)
The San Francisco variety of Jet Lag is formulated to be a meyer lemon and pear flavored water. The product is sweetened with sucralose, which keeps it at zero calories and sugar free. The flavor is definitely citrus, although it seems like a stretch to call it “meyer” lemon. Plus, the lemon flavor and sweetener aftertaste quickly mask the pear flavor (we couldn’t really taste it beyond the first couple of sips). Despite the clean and appealing San Francisco graphic, the positioning of this product feels incomplete. Being focused on jet lag -- a place where pills are the most widely available option -- seems like a tough niche for a beverage of this size (you certainly can’t put it in your bag and take it on a plane). And when you look at the bottle, the emphasis on San Francisco is confusing rather than something that helps the consumer connect the dots to the intended purpose (and Northern California inspired flavor choice) of the drink. We’d suggest that they focus on what is more widely marketable (that it’s a nice tasting zero calorie product) and making the jet lag benefits a secondary part of the equation. Otherwise, we think the niche is a bit too limited, especially given the current execution.