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Last Updated: 7/31/2009 12:13 PM

While we’ve probably tried hundreds of different orange soda and colas in our day, we’ve never thought of combining the two. But leave it to Jones Soda, the people behind wonderful concoctions like Turkey and Gravy Soda, to try a mixture of two classic CSD flavors. In this case, it works surprisingly well, with something that has an added dimension of flavor beyond what you’ll find in either of these flavors on their own. The cola flavor hits your tongue first, while the orange adds a slight fruit note to the finish. The two flavors blend together remarkably well and the product drinks like one new flavor rather two individual ones. That ultimately makes for a much smoother flavor than you’ll find in straight cola, which is the main reason that we’d reach for this enjoyable product again. From a packaging and marketability point of view, it just looks like another Jones Soda flavor. That, combined with the fact that orange and cola aren’t two flavors that naturally go together in the mind of the consumer, make this product risk being passed over as an oddball. Not a whole lot that Jones Soda can do about that, which is a real shame for what’s one of the best tasting Jones flavors that we’ve had in a while. Overall, awesome taste, but we question the market potential of this combo.


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