Jubali Herbal Infusions

by Life Force Beverages

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Tea: Herbal and Alternative, Tea: Sweetened


16 Oz PET

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Review: Herbal Roots

Posted: Aug 24, 2015 at 11:03 AM (Last Updated: Aug 27, 2015 at 10:28 AM)
The Herbal Roots variety of Jubali’s Herbal Infusions line is our favorite of the bunch. Made with a blend of water, dandelion root, chicory, vanilla, and wildflower honey, the product’s closest cousin in terms of flavor is probably a vanilla flavored rooibos. Here you’ll find a slightly smoky, almost charred note, which works really nicely with the vanilla. The added honey gives the product only the slightest touch of sweetness, which is really all that it needs, and keeps the calories and sugars modest (80 calories and 15g of sugars per 16 oz. bottle). Ultimately, it’s a very enjoyable, complex, and refreshing tasting product. For a high pressure processed beverage (HPP), we also like the uniqueness of what the company has formulated; it definitely stands apart from the sea of juices that make up the HPP beverage category. However, we feel as though Jubali needs to make a more obvious callout that this is an “herbal tea.” In its current form, we like the graphic design, but it’s not immediately obvious what this product is trying to be, especially considering the fact that the color of the liquid is darker than a standard tea. But aside from trying to connect it to tea a bit more, we really wouldn’t change anything about the product. Overall, an innovative and very enjoyable product.