Juicera Kids

by Juicera

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Juice: Cold Pressed or Raw


10 Oz PET

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Review: Pineapple Power

Posted: Sep 02, 2015 at 11:33 AM
Of the three flavor varieties of Juicera Kids that we sampled, this one is the most similar to what you’d expect to find in a line of high pressure processed (HPP) juices. The USDA Organic formulation blends pineapple, apple, mint, spinach and cucumber to create something that’s very sweet and tangy, which should certainly resonate pretty well with kids. There’s a very heavy pineapple flavor, which is followed by the apple and mint. The cucumber and the spinach -- two things that many parents have to sneak by their kids -- are masked pretty well, although there’s definitely a slight vegetable note to the finish. Nutritionally, this product has 138 calories and 30g of sugars per 10 oz. bottle, which is to be expected given the heavy amount of pineapple and apple used in the product. Packaging is a fully wrapped plastic bottle, which has a blue background and fruit images. It definitely looks likes something that you’d expect to see on a kids' beverage, albeit one that skews towards a pretty young demographic (thanks to the cartoonish lettering). At a price point of $4.50 - $5.50, we wonder if that’s the best approach -- especially since this product could definitely be consumed by an older demographic as well. Changing the font to something different seems like the easy solution. Beyond that, we do wonder if fully wrapping the bottle and prohibiting the consumer from seeing the liquid is the right approach. Overall, an enjoyable product that seems like a good base for further refinement.