Review: Keep it Cool Cold Brew

Posted: Apr 30, 2018 at 4:17 PM (Last Updated: Apr 30, 2018 at 4:48 PM)

Covers Products: Cherry Tea, Cold Brew

Keep It Cool Cold Brew is launching with both a cold brew coffee and a cold brew cascara “tea.”

One of the first things that will likely catch your attention is the use of a glass 200 ml flask-shaped bottle. The product has a black label with white text and, when paired with the brownish liquid inside, it looks very much like a liquor bottle. This isn’t an issue when you actually get a good look at the bottle, but it is still a potential issue for those consumers who choose to consume this product in public. That said, it’s no surprise that Keep It Cool suggests pouring these products over ice.

Otherwise, the execution of the Keep It Cool brand is nice looking, but feels like it needs some refinement from a functional perspective. Specifically, we’d like to see “Keep It” have the same visual emphasis as “Cool,” which is the strongest visual element on the label. And there’s something about it that feels disjointed -- all of the visual elements feel like their own little islands versus one cohesive message.

Finally, there’s a gap between the more serious and polished copy on the bottle and what is presumably a tongue in cheek and edgy approach to the website (just check out the “our story” page on their website or their tag line “we didn’t invent cold brew but who the hell cares”). Whichever approach they choose, we’d like to see it used consistently.

As for the liquid, both the coffee and the cascara come from single origin coffee, which is definitely a plus. The coffee, which is certainly going to be where the majority of the initial demand will be, is quite good, but, much like other upstart cold brew companies, doesn’t have an obvious point of differentiation to the liquid. Cascara, which is still a nascent category, is also well executed and true to form. However, we’re not sure that this is the best use of a second SKU (versus another coffee).

Overall, Keep It Cool is an interesting and enjoyable product. We appreciate their efforts to try a hybrid approach of coffee and cascara and the packaging is definitely memorable. There’s some room for refinement in terms of how the product presents itself, but it’s definitely a nice first effort.

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