King Kava

by King Kava Beverage LLC

Manufacturer's Brand Overview

In the South Pacific, far away from the torrid pace of New York City life, grows a plant with heart shape leaves called Piper Methysticum, better known as kava. Islanders in Fiji, Vanuatu and Tonga have harvested kava roots for over a thousand years. Once harvested, kava roots are made into a murky tea known for its potent, naturally relaxing, effects.

Kava enjoys a special place in the cultures of many Islands in Melanesia and Polynesia. When a king is crowned in Tonga, he must participate in a traditional kava ceremony to make his reign official. In Hawaii restless babies are given kava to help them stay calm. Although relatively unknown in the U.S. kava is a multi-million dollar industry world-wide.

Studies indicate that kava helps relieve stress. Very large doses of kava can make you tired, but our recipe is intended to help you relax without knocking you out. Kava’s naturally relaxing effects can help you keep balance through stressful times.

We brew our Kava in Long Island City, Queens

Nick, Ben, and Rodrigo


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