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Review: Mocha V

Posted: Jul 08, 2015 at 1:00 PM (Last Updated: Aug 07, 2015 at 10:52 AM)
Kobikaya is a vitamin-enhanced coffee drink that is mocha-flavored and sweetened with sugar. The liquid inside the can is a pretty typical tasting mocha latte, with the milk, sugar, and mocha flavor providing the majority of what hits your palate. The coffee works more in the background and, despite Kobikaya being what the manufacturer describes as “a secret blend of Arabica Coffee,” it doesn’t taste overly different than other brands that are out there. While we agree with the statement on the side of the can regarding flavor (“no matter how good something is for you, unless it tastes great, you won’t buy it twice”), this product’s flavor gets a passing mark rather than that of something that stands out. Furthermore, the inclusion and promotion of vitamins does undermine the perceived quality of the formulation relative to taste. Ultimately, the product tastes like what we already know, but with the addition of vitamins. This is not, at least in our opinion, something that’s going to change the coffee habits of a significant number of coffee drinkers. The packaging, which is an 8 oz. slim can, doesn’t help this either. The aesthetics of the packaging leave something to be desired. While each element on its own looks okay, the combination of the logo, the “vitamin coffee” text, and the background image don’t really go together or catch the eye. Something that’s cleaner and more focused would definitely help. But then again, the more pressing issue for the product is really to refine the value proposition and the execution of it. Otherwise, we have a hard time seeing this as anything more than a product with a limited niche.