Kohana Cold Brew

by Kohana Coffee

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Coffee: Cold Brew



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Review: Kohana Cold Brew Black

(Last Updated: Oct 14, 2014 at 2:19 PM)
Kohana’s “Black” variety is a blend of cold-brewed coffee, sugar, erythritol, monk fruit and preservatives. It is, unfortunately, the weakest tasting flavor of the lineup, which stems from the fact that it doesn’t have any added flavoring to mask the added sweeteners. As a result, the added sweeteners put a damper on what would otherwise be a smooth tasting brew of coffee. For this particular flavor, we wonder if they shouldn’t employ a different blend of sweeteners, even if it means taking the calorie count slightly higher. Seeing as the product is only at 20 calories and 2g of sugar, we think there’s plenty of room to work with. And honestly, we think there will be issues with their choice of certain ingredients and the likely buyer. On the packaging front, we like very much like the new look of the branding. It’s sophisticated, well-executed and offers something that’s visually unique to the RTD coffee set. Overall, we like this product, but some refinement could make it much more appealing.