Kohana Cold Brew

by Kohana Coffee

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Coffee: Cold Brew


16 oz Plastic

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Review: Kohana Cold Brew French Roast

(Last Updated: Jan 30, 2015 at 10:41 AM)
Kohana’s French Roast variety of its shelf-stable cold brew coffee concentrate offers some nuance differences from the brand's Original variety. And they’re pretty much what you’d expect from beans that have been French-roasted: a slightly more burnt flavor and less of the natural flavor of the beans. This gives the product an even bolder flavor profile than the Original, which was pretty bold in its own right. That being said, it’s simply a matter of preference as to which flavor each consumer will like more. We will say, however, that communicating the difference between the two flavors (as well as the need for these two varieties) is something that Kohana will probably need to refine a bit. As it stands right now, it’s something that we think only a small set of people will naturally understand. Overall, this is still a very good product, with its only challenge being the role that it fills in the broader Kohana line.