Kohana Cold Brew

by Kohana Coffee

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Coffee: Cold Brew


32 oz Plastic

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Review: Kohana Cold Brew Original

(Last Updated: Jan 30, 2015 at 10:41 AM)
Kohana Cold Brew is a USDA Organic cold brew coffee concentrate that is intended to create 15 coffee drinks per 32 oz. bottle. The product, which lists only organic coffee (the company uses single-origin beans) and filtered water as its ingredients, is straightforward in taste, with a very bold coffee flavor even when diluted with the recommended one part cold brew and two parts milk or water. Compared with what we remember of Kohana’s first version, this one seems less bitter. And it definitely stands up better to the perishable products with which it competes. Aside from being shelf-stable, packaging is another key point of differentiation. Most of the competition is currently in glass bottles and, with the company's recent redesign, Kohana’s appearance is something that stands out. The shape of Kahana’s PET bottle largely resembles a multi-serve juice bottle. While we thought their first version looked somewhat juice like in its design, this one is unmistakable as a coffee product. The new design is polished and clean and very easy to quickly get the gist of. Overall, a nice upgrade to Kohana's flagship product.