Kohana Cold Brew

by Kohana Coffee

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Coffee: Cold Brew



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Review: Kohana Cold Brew Salted Caramel

(Last Updated: Oct 14, 2014 at 2:19 PM)
The Salted Caramel flavor of Kohana Cold Brew is our favorite flavor of the company's new canned lineup. Like its other flavors, this one starts out with cold-brewed coffee, which Kohana has sweetened with erythritol, sugar and monk fruit. From there there, the company has added milk, flavors, sea salt, carrageenan and potassium phosphates. The flavor is rich and creamy, with the combination of sweetened coffee and salted caramel flavor creating something that feels timely and very mainstream-oriented. That said, it doesn’t feel like something that will appeal to a serious coffee drinker, but rather it’s going after the consumer who is probably drinking Starbucks products. While that’s always a risky move, this seems like a decent upgrade for a consumer who wants smoother coffee flavor and is curious to see what cold-brew is all about. In terms of packaging, this product definitely looks appealing and polished. However, if the product is trying to be upscale, but approachable (rather than for coffee geeks), it seems as though some mention of it having 100 calories and less acid might be helpful. Overall, an enjoyable product that definitely feels like it has mainstream potential.