Kohana Cold Brew

by Kohana Coffee

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Review: Kohana Cold Brew White

(Last Updated: Oct 14, 2014 at 2:19 PM)
The “White” variety of Kohana Cold Brew Coffee is their play on the classic “latte” flavor. It starts with a blend of coffee and reduced-fat milk, which is pretty standard for a flavor of this type. From there, the company has sweetened the product with erythritol, sugar and monk fruit. The resulting mix has a noticeably smoother flavor than traditionally brewed coffee -- and it does a pretty decent job of masking the erythritol and monk fruit. Nutritionally, the product has been specifically formulated to have 100 calories per can (it also has 12g of sugar and 2g of fat), which seems like a smart approach. On the outside, we like the look of the 8 oz. can. It definitely gives the product a sophisticated Hawaiian vibe. However, we’re not fans of the name “White.” While this certainly is a clever approach to naming it, it’s going to force the consumer to really have to think to figure this one out. We’d suggest going with the more straightforward “Latte” naming convention. Lastly, something feels lost in terms of Kohana's use of organic and fair trade coffee, which is only mentioned in small type on the back. Giving this more prominent placement -- and perhaps even going so far as to change the formulation to be able to obtain USDA Organic or Fair Trade certification -- would certainly help.